ImplementDiversity AB (556702-3980), Box 284, 751 05 Uppsala, Sweden


Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

ImplementDiversity has 25 years of experience in working with diversity and inclusion at Swedish workplaces.

We do seminars and workshops as well as offer advice on how organizations successfully can implement gender equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

We support our clients with training for management and employees, advice on how to assure the quality of the recruitment process from a diversity and inclusion perspective, develop policies, make compensation surveys, KPI’s for gender equality, diversity and inclusion, and support in the work with the Active measures of the Discrimination Act.

We do consultancy work in Sweden and globally.

The knowledge and awareness of managers and employees is a prerequisite to succeed in the work with diversity and inclusion.

We support you in your work with everything from strategies and Active measures to compensation surveys.

Use the card game #atourworkplace for dialogues and development at your workplace.

Interactive e-learning on gender equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, via your smartphone, tablet or computer. 

Gabriella Fägerlind is author of the books “Mångfald i praktiken” (2024) and “Jämställdhet i praktiken” (2009).

We offer many tools to support your work with gender equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.