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About us

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Does your organization need inspiration and support in your work with gender equality, diversity and inclusion?

ImplementDiversity has 20 years of experience in training and providing consultancy support for workplaces in their work with gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

We offer training for managers and employees, advisory services, analyses and documentation. The latter can be anything from developing a diversity and inclusion policy, supporting you in documenting your work with the Active measures of the Discrimination Act, to developing practical tool boxes for teams to support their practical work with diversity and inclusion.

ImplementDiversity AB is run by Gabriella Fägerlind since its start in 1999. Gabriella works in networks with other consultants, depending on the type of assignment and scope.

ImplementDiversity AB has the certificate Svensk Jämställdhetskompetens, which means that ImplementDiversity AB has undergone a review and fulfills the criteria to deliver professional support in gender mainstreaming in organizations.

Gabriella Fägerlind is part of the consultancy network Inclusion Academy.

ImplementDiversity AB is a member of the Swedish trade association Mångfaldsföretagarna and the Swedish trade association for consultants working with accessibility Svensk Tillgänglighet.

ImplementDiversity AB owns the publishing house ID Förlag (ID Publisher).

Gabriella Fägerlind, Eva Löfgren (Diversity Support) and Gina Sharro (Equals AB) ran – Sweden’s largest website about gender equality, diversity and inclusion at work – from 1999 to 2012.

We sponsor locally in Uppsala.

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