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ImplementDiversity provides e-learning (in Swedish), the current courses are presented here. Our e-learning courses are online courses. This gives a lot of flexibility regarding when and where to take the course, it is your choice, all you need is a internet connection and a smartphone, tablet or computer. 

For managers: Diversity and inclsuion at work. The course content: Concepts, what diversity and inclusion initiatives must include, research on diversity in work groups; The brain and how unconscious bias affect in the workplace. Norms at the workplace, psychological safety and how you can create an inclusive culture; Inclusive leadership. 

Recruitment – focus on equity and diversity.  Develop and quality assure your organization’s recruitment process – in general and with a focus on equity and diversity. Tips for the profile for the job and the job ad. What are important to keep in mind when selecting candidates from the applications reciewed? How to structure interviews, and opportunities and pitfalls in the interview due to unconscious bias. 

In-depth course: Diversity and inclusive workplace The course includes four theme modules with recorded sessions (about 80 minutes per module) as well as lots of tips on exercises, reading tips articles and reports, tips on film clips, etc.

For managers: Prevent and handle sexual harassment, harassment and victimization in the workplace. The course gives an overview of the concepts, what the law requires, how you can work practically with prevention and how to carry out an investigation. It provides two exercises that you can do with your team. 

You can find ImplementDiversity’s e-learning courses at Click the button to get to the website and get more information about the courses, their content, try sample lessons for free (website in Swedish).