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Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

E-seminar: An e-seminar is an alternative to a live seminar. You can reach more people in the organization – with less resources – and participants can listen to the seminar when it suits them. 

ImplementDiversity has both developed simpler e-seminars based on recorded PowerPoint presentations, as well as more advanced recordings of seminars and even studio conversations with cases and examples from client’s organizations. 

The e-seminars are tailored to your needs, with your graphic profile etc.

E-seminar + live seminar/workshop: A good way to prepare participants for a live seminar/workshop is to combine it with an e-seminar, which gives the participants the basic concepts and an overview of the topic of the live seminar/workshop (e.g. Inclusive Leadership, Unconscious bias at work or Diversity-develop the recruitment process). 

This way, all participants have basic knowledge and understanding of the topic when the live seminar/workshop starts, which gives us the opportunity to progress much further in the live session.

Watch a demo of the e-seminar ”Diversity and an including workplace” (in Swedish):