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Tools for discussion/development

In our seminars and workshops we use different tools to spur discussions and development. We have also developed ”toolboxes” with various discussion tools for our clients. The toolboxes are usually digital and available on the client’s intranet, but we have also delivered physical toolboxes.

Over the years we have collected many tools that can be used in the work with gender equality, diversity and inclusion at your workplace. You can try three of our exercises here.

1. The complex problem at the small industrial company

This is an tool that inspires discussion and can visualize unconscious bias about gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation and different professions.

Here are the instructions for the person leading the workshop.

Here is the tool.

2. All that we share

This exercise begins with showing a thought provoking video, which the participants then discuss.


  • Show the video “All that we share” by TV2 Danmark. Here is the link:
  • Ask the participants to discuss and reflect on the video in smaller groups.
  • Follow up the group discussions.

3. Discussion cards about gender equality, diversity and an including workplace

The card game #atourworkplace. The card game contains 24 discussion cards about gender equality, diversity and inclusion. THe card game is available in English, Swedish, German, Spanish, Finnish and Polish (The Swedish version contains 25 discussion cards.) The cards present facts and asks questions to prompt discussions regarding these issues at your workplace. 

Use the questions on the cards to discuss how your organization can work to achieve gender equality, diversity and an inclusive culture. Each card begins with a statement to reflect on, followed by a more in-depth explanation and discussion questions related to your workplace. Keep the discussion relevant to working life and your workplace and avoid referring to your own or other people’s examples from private life.

You can try five discussions cards for free here and visit for more information.