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Gabriella Fägerlind

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Gabriella Fägerlind has long experience working as a diversity consultant.

Gabriella Fägerlind has been working as a gender equality, diversity and inclusion consultant since 1999, with clients in both the private and public sectors. She holds seminars and workshops and offers advice on how organizations can proceed in their gender equality, diversity and inclusion work. She offers support with, for example, evaluation of the current situation at workplaces, support in the work with the Active measures of the Discrimination Act, advice on how to assure the quality of the recruitment process from a diversity and inclusion perspective, training for management and employees, organizational development, KPI’s for gender equality and diversity, support project teams with an aim to support the workplace’s initiative on gender equality, diversity and inclusion, develop policies and make compensation surveys.

Gabriella has developed the app #atourworkplace, a digital tool to discuss and develop gender equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Gabriella has organized national and international conferences on gender equality, diversity and inclusive cultures, as well as study tours in Sweden, Europe and North America with a focus on diversity in working life.

Photo: Anna Viola Hallberg

Gabriella has written the books Mångfald i praktiken – handbok för verksamhetsutveckling and Jämställdhet i praktiken – så utvecklar ni er arbetsplats, as well as several reports and articles. See Published works for more information.

Gabriella Fägerlind holds a M. Sc. in Industrial Engineering and a Licentiate Engineering degree in Work Organization, from Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden. Prior to working as a diversity and inclusion consultant in Sweden she lived three years in the USA working for the Swedish Office for Science and Technology. Among other projects she studied diversity management practices in the US.