In media

Gabriella Fägerlind has been featured in several newspapers and magazines. All of the interview texts are in Swedish.

March 2018 the business magazine Veckans affärer writes about startup companies linked to #metoo and interviews Gabriella about the e-course “Sexual harassment, harassment and victimization”.

March 2018 the newspaper Dagens Nyheter writes about digital tools to aid in the work with gender equality, and mentions our app #atourworkplace gender equality diversity inclusion.

December 2017 in the magazine Arbetarskydd, Gabriella gives tips on how managers can prevent harassment in the article “Prevent harassment with the right leadership”.

Autumn 2017 Gabriella was interviewed in No. 7 of the magazine Chefstidningen in the article “Can I join in – or not?” about inclusive and excluding teams.

May 2017 the magazine Du&Jobbet listed our app #atourworkplace in the magazine’s section on new products.

Spring 2017 Gabriella was interviewed in No. 2 of the magazine Sirius (Skogsindustrins råd för samverkan för industriell utveckling) under the heading “Encourage each other’s different experiences and perspectives”.

February 2017 Gabriella and Gina Sharro of Equals AB were interviewed in Jusek’s magazine Karriär about what you can practically do in tricky situations that can be difficult to handle.

December 2016 Gabriella was interviewed in the magazine Chefstidningen about harassment and victimization.

November 2015 Gabriella was featured in DUO, the weekend attachment to the Norrbottenskuriren and NSD (Norrländska Socialdemokraten). She answered questions about diversity and inclusion at workplaces.

February 2014 Gabriella was interviewed in the magazine Publik about how to put an end to a bad jargon at work, as it could lead to harassment of various kinds.